Photo by Alan Freund, 1980, from The Miami Herald

Link to CINEMA TREASURES listing.


GEU said...

This photo brings back alot of memories for me as I use to live 1 block north of this theater and could watch movies out of my bedroom window as a kid 50 years ago. G. Udud

blogfly said...

Man I would love to see more pictures of this theater.
Saw so many great movies as a kid there.
Star Wars, Saturday Night Fever,The Warriors, Mad Max, Friday the 13th and some others I can't remember, lol.
Plus, there was a playground in the middle with swings, slides and merry go round type thing that everyone would stand on a make go faster.Oh the memories. Oh and nudity could be seen from the highway, saw a giant tit once!

Linda Gall said...

My friend showed me where this old theater was located. According to him, the correct address was 3401 NW 167th Street, in unincorporated Dade county before that location became a part of the city of Miami Gardens in 2005. A dozen more pics of the theater were downloaded this past May 30th if anyone wants to see them at the site CINEMA TREASURES.

Linda Gall said...

I'm just using my lady friend's computer.My name is Fred Wucher. I used to live in an area near this and the North Dade Drive in called Carol City from 1967 to 1973, and in Broward since 1975. I remember the first ant last time I went to the Golden Glades. The first was to see DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER in 1971,n and STAR WARS with THE SPY WHO LOVED ME in 1977. I miss this theater a lot. Many memories.