Miami Herald, The (FL) - May 27, 1983
Author: JEAN FRANCZYK Herald Writer

There is no popcorn or candy available in the lobby of the Cinema Twin in the Searstown Plaza. There hasn’t been any there since general manager Chuck Cardinal closed the theater earlier this week to make it bigger and, he says, better.

Tools and tape rest next to the popcorn machine, and saws instead of soundtracks can be heard from the lobby of the Cinema Twin.

Instead of twins, Cardinal wants quadruplets. By June 13, he hopes to deliver.

With four theaters instead of two at Searstown, Cardinal said Thursday he will provide Key Westers with a variety of first-run picture shows. That’s not possible with two.

"It’s a matter of getting better and newer pictures to the public," Cardinal said. That’s the only way, he added, "To let

the public see first-run theater ."

The public won’t see many more seats once the construction is complete. The two extra theaters will seat only 35 additional people.

Basically, the old theaters were cut in half, Cardinal said.

Three weeks without regular customers equals about $30,000 of lost income, Cardinal said. He expects to make up for it with a planned grand opening when the overhaul is complete.

"We’re trying to coordinate the completion with school letting out," he said.

By then the chairs should be back in place and candy ready for sale in the lobby.

And kids lined up at the door.

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